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Renton Area Youth & Family Services

RAYS is a community-oriented nonprofit organization that provides a variety of supportive services to children, youth, and families who live in the greater Renton and Tukwila areas. We provide mental health counseling for children and youth, both in schools and at our own service sites. We also offer drug treatment counseling to teens trying to chart a healthier course for their lives.
RAYS operates school and community-based services for middle and high school youth that focus on building positive life skills, staying in school, and realizing goals. RAYS also offers parenting support services for young parents, as well as for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Caregivers of all ages have turned to RAYS for more than 40 years for support and a shoulder to lean on.

Do you believe that every child has potential?

Make a donation to RAYS. Donate in honor of someone you know who struggled as a child, and for the success that they eventually achieved. Or donate for the child you know who struggles today, and for the success that they can find if just given the chance.