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RAYS provides high-quality, integrated behavioral healthcare and prevention services to children, youth and families, to restore hope for a healthier future.


Since 1970, RAYS has been the trusted place for youth and their families who need support to triumph over life’s challenges and to grow a happy and healthy future.
At RAYS, we have a holistic approach to all of our services. Because of our small caseloads, our highly-trained staff are able to build deeper relationships with the families we serve. We work to help our clients develop new skills and strategies that will help them achieve their personal goals. We understand that if basic needs aren’t being met, families don’t thrive in other areas of their lives. We help clients gain access to medical care, food, clothing, housing and more.
We work hard to reduce the barriers that prevent people from accessing the high-quality of care they deserve. Over 95% of our clients access their counseling services through Medicaid. No client is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. Our programs are affordable and are offered at little-to-no cost to all of our families. We meet our clients where they are; in their schools, their homes and in the community.
We have long-standing relationships with the school districts, the court system and professional partners. We are proud to be looked to as a leader in our field.