June 13, 2017

2017 Summer Activities: From Sports to Board Games to Art

As the weather heats up, our minds begin to drift towards summer fun – long sun-filled days spent outside, swimming in Lake Washington, visiting with friends, BBQs, and summer camps. Our kids notice it most acutely as they start to wiggle in their classroom seats waiting for the final bell on the final day of school. Here at the agency, we tend to see less of our clients over the summer as families take vacations and the stress from the year melts away in the sun. Our staff doesn’t mind when things slow down – it gives us time to run a program that we look forward to each year:

Summer Activities!

We know that despite all the excitement that summer can bring, it can often be a boring time for many kids. Every year RAYS staff get together to create a selection of summer group activities for our clients and their families. It’s a chance for our families to get out of the house and take a break from boredom (and sometimes the heat). Through our Summer Activities, we strive to engage our clients in exercising their bodies and their brains with other kids their age that share their passions and interests.

We develop a new program each year and many groups are so popular that they come back again and again. Each group is run by a RAYS team member and is scheduled throughout the week to make it easier for families to attend multiple groups.

Here’s what we’re offering this year:

All Ages Littles Kids
Henry Moses Aquatic Center “Dig it Up” Gardening Group “Giggles & Wiggles” Group (4-6 yrs) Sports Group (6-12 yrs) “My Superhero Story” (6-10 yrs) Creative Arts Group (8-12 yrs)
Teen Stress Reduction (12+ yrs) Body Respect Group (12+ yrs) “Write Your Guts Out” Creative Journaling Group (14+ yrs) “Who’s Turn is it?” Board Game Group (14+ yrs) Alphabet Soup – LGBTIQA (13-17 yrs) Explore Seattle (14+ yrs)

If you, your child, or your family are clients at RAYS and want to learn more about our Summer Activities Program, speak with your clinician at your next appointment. They can help you sign up!

In addition to our Summer Activities, we are so excited to again be a part of the Free Renton Summer Lunch Program! Monday through Friday from July 10th to August 18th, children ages 1-18 can stop by our downtown office between 12-1pm for a free lunch. You do not have to be a client or even register – just show up. We know it can be hard for some families when school lunches are no longer available. Let us help ease that burden so you can focus on other things this summer like fun in the sun!

To learn more about the Renton Summer Lunch Program visit http://rentonwa.gov/summerlunch/