Our Stories Matter

Healthy Start Photovoice Project

What do you wish people knew about your family?

How does your family stay connected with community*?
*however you define community

How has RAYS played a part in your family story?

What is a Photovoice Project?

  • Using images to tell a story of a person or group
  • A way for people to tell their own story on their own terms
  • Giving voice to people or groups who have historically be silenced
  • A way of showing how RAYS impacts families in the community
  • More information about using Photovoice for social change
  • Examples: Humans of Humboldt

What we need from you

  • Ten photos from each participant, submitted by mid-February 2020
  • One hour conversation in with staff and other participants, we believe in late February
  • You can also choose to have an individual interview if you are unable to attend the focus group

How we will thank you

  • Your work included in the Our Stories Matter art show
  • Refreshments and fun kids activities at the Our Stories Matter art show
  • A special gift for you and your family

Interested? Need more info?

  • You can learn more at an information session 30 minutes before the January Group Connections meeting
  • Or ask your Family Support Specialist how the process works
  • Or contact the Meredith from ML Whalen Consulting with questions. Email her at meredith@mlwhalenconsulting.com or text her at 360.771.4209.