Kinship Care Support Program

Kincare Family

What does it mean to be part of a Kinship Family?

Kinship care is a family in which a relative—most commonly a grandmother—is the primary caregiver of another relative’s children. As an alternative to foster placements, kinship care can lead to happier lives for the children in the family. Kinship care helps keep families together and provides a more stable living arrangement for children. It helps preserve cultural values, especially for children of color. Additionally, children in kinship homes have fewer behavioral problems, are less likely to reenter foster care after they have returned home or been adopted and are three to four times less likely to be mistreated than children in traditional foster homes. The added stress of a changing family can be really hard for even the most prepared caregiver. There is often financial and legal strain placed on the family, not to mention needing to navigate the new family dynamics. We think of our Kinship Care Givers as heroes and believe the deserve the best support we can offer. RAYS Kinship Care Support Program links families to services and support so that the caregivers can effectively parent the children in their care.

Join Our Group

Our Kinship Group meets 2 times per month. Join the group via Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday 1-2:30pm. We talk about health and nutrition, general wellness and of course what it’s like to be the primary source of care for a relative’s children. A light meal is included. Contact: Please contact the Childhaven/RAYS referral line 206-957-4841.

Aren’t Able to Join Us?

We offer support and service arrangements for those who are unable to attend group but are in need of encouragement ans support.

Group Activities

We like to have fun together! A few times per year we get together to celebrate; sometimes with our children and sometimes without. We have spa evenings where we can get together to be pampered and relax, we have meals together, we volunteer together. One of the most fun things that we do as a group is Kinship Camp. At then end of the summer our Kinship Families and their children get to go to YMCA Camp Colman for a weekend of fun.

Information & Referral Services

We have extensive information and referral services to link participants to community resources and services, including emergency financial assistance.